Arabian Knightz Hip Hop Group out of Egypt.

In my opinion these are the true pioneers of Real Hip Hop in Egypt, the crew is Amazing and uses high quality production and are now putting out videos.

Here is a quick Video Bio on AK!

Check out their Myspace page HERE to hear some of their tracks.

Arabian Knightz is the culmination of 4 of the most talented Hip Hop artists that the Middle East has to offer. Hailing out of Cairo, the Hollywood of the Middle East, the Knightz pride themselves on Arab unity, displaying a vast repertoire of popular tracks with souped up beats and catchy riffs. Being produced by some of Hip Hops finest producers, also producing for 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang, with the likes of FredWrecks and 4th Disciple etc. Arabian Knightz are on fire letting loose a passion that enthralls a whole generation of younger and older Arabs alike with their addictive hip hop style. Effortlessly combining old school Arabic music with contemporary new school flavor HipHop, the Knightz have been performing live ever since 2005, powering an ever prevalent nationalistic Arab movement with the infallible tool of popular hip hop culture, spreading the message that is all too important to be ignored. ARABS STAND UP! With catchy Hip-Hop beats and Arabic verses dramatically punctuated with raw rapping in English, they call for Arab unity and proclaim their Muslim identity while demanding understanding among the regions and religions of the world. Collaborating with powerhouse mainstream artists in the region, Arabian Knightz are bound to leave their mark as the true innovators of hip hop in Arabia.

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Hatsheput78 said...

Add my friends Sami Zee and RAQIB AL NASSERY to your list of egy hip hoppers