The New AK Draft Mixtape is rumored to be coming out very soon, available for purchase and download for a ridiculous low price to make it available to the masses. Guest appearances by MC AMIN, Yasser "Afreet el Kalam", Wighit Nazar, and CivilRingz from WU TANG CLAN!

Rush, E-Money, Sphinx, Ghetto Pharaoh kill the microphone on this mixtape, i got to hear a sample of the mix and i must say its rugged, raw and pure hip hop, while the guest appearances by MC Amin add the perfect ingerdient to the mix tape!

The Mix is being released for you to have immediatley once you purchase it, Just like Apple itunes you will beable to Download the Mix Tape (Desert Saga Vol.1)

Stay tuned!

Hip Hop being used for Marketing in Egypt, here is a great commercial

We see the impact hip hop is having on the Egyptian and Arab youth, specially Egyptian hip hop which is the most popular and truest to the art of real hip hop. Companies are starting to use hip hop to market their products.

This is the latest Hip Hop themed commercial in Egypt for Te3ma cheese. The Artist is "GAD" from the Egyptian Hip hop crew "Asphalt"

Beef Brewing in Arabic Hip Hop. Mc Amin Destroys Omarz

This is a song put out by MC Amin, usually Amin does not use profanity (Bad Words) in his lyrics, but this situation was a special situation. Lebanese Rapper "Omarz" who was supposed to be a friend of Amins and the Arabian Knightz crew, and was hosted by them while he was in Egypt supposadley hooked up with Amins Ex girlfriend or something to that matter. Amin comes out in this track with Gunnz blazing, probably the most intense Arabic Rap you will ever hear, but be warned there are many bad words in this rap. Again i'd like to say Amin does not use bad words in his lyrics but this was a very special situation and instead of causing problems in real life, Amin did the right thing and put it on Music!

First Break Through Arabic Hip Hop Videos! FOKAK & Ya Allah by AK

Arabian Knightz *AK* have been the shinning star in the Arab hip hop world as of late! This video put out by AK was the first true high quality Hip Hop video put out by any Arabic group in the entire world! First posted is Fokak then below is Ya Allah.

Fokak which means "Forget about it" in Egyptian Slang was Directed by Hady El Baroudy and the Beat was produced by the famous Snoop Dogg DJ "FREDWRECK" The song shows AK's diversity, this is their club Banger and below we will see their R&B side.

Their Second video which is "Ya Allah" *GOD* 2nd Single from their album U.S.A (United State of Arabia) featuring additional vocals by Egyptian Superstar Mohammed Mohey..Ya Allah is a mellow R&B track

MC AMIN from Egypt

MC Amin is one of the most Talented Hip Hop artists to come out of Egypt, Him and Ehab *E-MONEY* from Arabian Knightz are the two best people ive heard rap in ARABIC so far. Amin's style is Malicious and Deep!

Check out some of Amins Tracks on his myspace page HERE

This is a quick bio written by Mc Amin:

-Born and Raised in the City Of Mansoura since i ever started Listening to Music, Rap Music Attractd me Badly. Cuz this type of music not based only on music and beats but on good lyrices and true feelings as well, and i felt i can make good songs, expresses me and the people around me there is music and songs i listened to affected me and inspired my thoughts to make good songs. the most Rapper who really affected me and inspired me Was TUPAC , the one i really consider one of the main Rappers in world wide up now and before.
-Phsychology is the most interisting subject that attrackted me to write lyrics as it's my School Major, which helped me communicating and getting mixed with alot of people in diffrent levels. and totaly understand how they think,their needs and their feelings.
-Year 1998 i started to memorize the words of lyrices i listen to and sing it while am around with my friends, i noticed that i can do it my own way not the way its been said on the lyrices of original songs and i could put lyrcies on a diffrent beat and that was the start of having my own way of Rapping. and it started to change from a hobby to a serious thing.
-Year 2004 started wirtting my own Lyrices in Arabic, i started to express everything inside me and this was my idea of having my own lyrices that way, and when i showed all my friends my lyrices they all liked it and encouraged me to write more and keep going , since then i started getting professional with flows of rapping and writing lyrices in more professional way and made my own tracks. I rapped in several concerts in Mansoura , it made me more confident to talk infront of the whole wide world and face them with my own thoughts.
-Year 2006 i decided to Make My Own Records and show it to public , and to make attack of songs thats where the Black Attack and Arab Rap Soldiers idea came from . and i cant make it only by myself and there has to be other people so there would be variety of voices,the songs been uploaded on the internet , since then i decided never to stop Wheather i am by myself or there is someone with me , this is the start, the End it doesn't matter the point is me doing what i want in the END INSHALLAH.

Arabian Knightz Hip Hop Group out of Egypt.

In my opinion these are the true pioneers of Real Hip Hop in Egypt, the crew is Amazing and uses high quality production and are now putting out videos.

Here is a quick Video Bio on AK!

Check out their Myspace page HERE to hear some of their tracks.

Arabian Knightz is the culmination of 4 of the most talented Hip Hop artists that the Middle East has to offer. Hailing out of Cairo, the Hollywood of the Middle East, the Knightz pride themselves on Arab unity, displaying a vast repertoire of popular tracks with souped up beats and catchy riffs. Being produced by some of Hip Hops finest producers, also producing for 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang, with the likes of FredWrecks and 4th Disciple etc. Arabian Knightz are on fire letting loose a passion that enthralls a whole generation of younger and older Arabs alike with their addictive hip hop style. Effortlessly combining old school Arabic music with contemporary new school flavor HipHop, the Knightz have been performing live ever since 2005, powering an ever prevalent nationalistic Arab movement with the infallible tool of popular hip hop culture, spreading the message that is all too important to be ignored. ARABS STAND UP! With catchy Hip-Hop beats and Arabic verses dramatically punctuated with raw rapping in English, they call for Arab unity and proclaim their Muslim identity while demanding understanding among the regions and religions of the world. Collaborating with powerhouse mainstream artists in the region, Arabian Knightz are bound to leave their mark as the true innovators of hip hop in Arabia.

Quick History of Egyptian Hip Hop

Ever since hip hop first began in America, it spread throughout the world quickly, even through areas where hip hop was never heard of. Hip-hop in Egypt was dead in the 1990s, however in the 2000s it emerged as a young and soon-to-be popular scene throughout Egypt, especially among the youth. One piece of technology that helped spread hip-hop throughout Egypt were cable connections in almost every Egyptian home which allowed Egyptians to gain access to a large number of music-oriented channels that helped the spread of hip hop more quickly. Music channels such as Melody Hits and Mazzika emerged, which incorporated Egyptian songs and mostly American hip-hop music. The "coolness" and fashion statement that American hip hop spreads around the world has made some Egyptians adapt the style.

This gave upcoming artists, such as hip hop group MTM, an advantage to forming the first hip hop scene, but MTM's lyrics were more like funny lyrics with no real deep meaning. So soon came on the scene a brand new Hip Hop genre, combining true hip hop beats with great production and great talent. Groups like Arabian Knightz and Asphalt and Y Crew and Wighit Nazar started coming to the scene and brining a true sense of deep Hip Hop to Egypt!