First Break Through Arabic Hip Hop Videos! FOKAK & Ya Allah by AK

Arabian Knightz *AK* have been the shinning star in the Arab hip hop world as of late! This video put out by AK was the first true high quality Hip Hop video put out by any Arabic group in the entire world! First posted is Fokak then below is Ya Allah.

Fokak which means "Forget about it" in Egyptian Slang was Directed by Hady El Baroudy and the Beat was produced by the famous Snoop Dogg DJ "FREDWRECK" The song shows AK's diversity, this is their club Banger and below we will see their R&B side.

Their Second video which is "Ya Allah" *GOD* 2nd Single from their album U.S.A (United State of Arabia) featuring additional vocals by Egyptian Superstar Mohammed Mohey..Ya Allah is a mellow R&B track

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