Beef Brewing in Arabic Hip Hop. Mc Amin Destroys Omarz

This is a song put out by MC Amin, usually Amin does not use profanity (Bad Words) in his lyrics, but this situation was a special situation. Lebanese Rapper "Omarz" who was supposed to be a friend of Amins and the Arabian Knightz crew, and was hosted by them while he was in Egypt supposadley hooked up with Amins Ex girlfriend or something to that matter. Amin comes out in this track with Gunnz blazing, probably the most intense Arabic Rap you will ever hear, but be warned there are many bad words in this rap. Again i'd like to say Amin does not use bad words in his lyrics but this was a very special situation and instead of causing problems in real life, Amin did the right thing and put it on Music!

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