MC AMIN from Egypt

MC Amin is one of the most Talented Hip Hop artists to come out of Egypt, Him and Ehab *E-MONEY* from Arabian Knightz are the two best people ive heard rap in ARABIC so far. Amin's style is Malicious and Deep!

Check out some of Amins Tracks on his myspace page HERE

This is a quick bio written by Mc Amin:

-Born and Raised in the City Of Mansoura since i ever started Listening to Music, Rap Music Attractd me Badly. Cuz this type of music not based only on music and beats but on good lyrices and true feelings as well, and i felt i can make good songs, expresses me and the people around me there is music and songs i listened to affected me and inspired my thoughts to make good songs. the most Rapper who really affected me and inspired me Was TUPAC , the one i really consider one of the main Rappers in world wide up now and before.
-Phsychology is the most interisting subject that attrackted me to write lyrics as it's my School Major, which helped me communicating and getting mixed with alot of people in diffrent levels. and totaly understand how they think,their needs and their feelings.
-Year 1998 i started to memorize the words of lyrices i listen to and sing it while am around with my friends, i noticed that i can do it my own way not the way its been said on the lyrices of original songs and i could put lyrcies on a diffrent beat and that was the start of having my own way of Rapping. and it started to change from a hobby to a serious thing.
-Year 2004 started wirtting my own Lyrices in Arabic, i started to express everything inside me and this was my idea of having my own lyrices that way, and when i showed all my friends my lyrices they all liked it and encouraged me to write more and keep going , since then i started getting professional with flows of rapping and writing lyrices in more professional way and made my own tracks. I rapped in several concerts in Mansoura , it made me more confident to talk infront of the whole wide world and face them with my own thoughts.
-Year 2006 i decided to Make My Own Records and show it to public , and to make attack of songs thats where the Black Attack and Arab Rap Soldiers idea came from . and i cant make it only by myself and there has to be other people so there would be variety of voices,the songs been uploaded on the internet , since then i decided never to stop Wheather i am by myself or there is someone with me , this is the start, the End it doesn't matter the point is me doing what i want in the END INSHALLAH.

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