Quick History of Egyptian Hip Hop

Ever since hip hop first began in America, it spread throughout the world quickly, even through areas where hip hop was never heard of. Hip-hop in Egypt was dead in the 1990s, however in the 2000s it emerged as a young and soon-to-be popular scene throughout Egypt, especially among the youth. One piece of technology that helped spread hip-hop throughout Egypt were cable connections in almost every Egyptian home which allowed Egyptians to gain access to a large number of music-oriented channels that helped the spread of hip hop more quickly. Music channels such as Melody Hits and Mazzika emerged, which incorporated Egyptian songs and mostly American hip-hop music. The "coolness" and fashion statement that American hip hop spreads around the world has made some Egyptians adapt the style.

This gave upcoming artists, such as hip hop group MTM, an advantage to forming the first hip hop scene, but MTM's lyrics were more like funny lyrics with no real deep meaning. So soon came on the scene a brand new Hip Hop genre, combining true hip hop beats with great production and great talent. Groups like Arabian Knightz and Asphalt and Y Crew and Wighit Nazar started coming to the scene and brining a true sense of deep Hip Hop to Egypt!

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